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It's late, you just finished putting away dinner and are about to turn off the kitchen lights and go to bed and suddenly you see something backing itself out just to the side of the dishwasher. A Mouse! A million things run through your head at once, "Is there only one or am I infested?" "Who do I call?"

This scenario is exactly why Prime Time Pest Control is in business. We know that this happens in businesses and homes all over town. Our mission is to provide a speedy response to your call. We know you don't want to live or work with those pests any longer than you have to. We make sure you don't have to by offering the quickest of response time to your call and ensure your problem is taken care of.
Mice — Rat in the Bathroom in Hemet, CA

Rat — Rat Forbidden Sign in Hemet, CA

Need Some Expert Insight - We Can DO That

You will soon find out that Prime Time Pest Control is totally invested in you, the customer. It shows in our work and it certainly shows if you need something explained. Give us call and let us help you out with a plan of action.