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Let's Talk About Your Home

As much as we'd like to think our home as an impenetrable fortress, there are always ways for pests to get in and Prime Time knows how to put an end to that. Still infestations happen and your best choice in protection is Prime Time Pest Control. Call our team today and ask for an inspection.
Bees — Beehive in Roof of House in Hemet, CA

Insects — Cockroach on Delete Keyboard Button in Hemet, CA

Business Pest Control

If you own a restaurant or any local business, you need to keep our number handy 951-791-0040. That morbid feeling you get when you see a rat dropping on a counter is nothing to laugh about. Have you ever seen a roach come out of a cupboard? If you've seen one, trust us, there are plenty more where that came from. We'll get rid of them.

We keep those pests out and give you the protection you need to keep your business running worry free... Any pests, just call us.

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Bug Guy — Pest Exterminator in Hemet, CA